Cartoon HD is Back! Download Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is back! Follow the tutorial to download and install or re-install Cartoon HD to your Apple device! Working on iOS 8 and down.

Cartoon HD on the iPad/iPhone

Cartoon HD has been back up and running intermittently for the past month. For the users who did not delete the app, simply open Cartoon HD and check if the content is there. The content seems to come and go, so just check back later if the app is empty.

For the users who never downloaded Cartoon HD before or already deleted the app, follow the tutorial to install or re-install Cartoon HD to your iPhone (4+) or iPad (All Gens). This installation does not require a jailbreak! Cartoon HD runs fine on iOS 8 and lower.

Download Cartoon HD

1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and change the date to Aug 1, 2014 (you will need to turn off ‘Set Automatically’).

Set Date

2. Open Safari and click the following link to download Cartoon HD Pro to your device:

Cartoon HD Pro Download

3. Press ‘Install’.¬†Cartoon HD will now be installed to your device.

Install Cartoon HD

4. You can now go back to Settings > General > Date & Time and turn ‘Set Automatically’ back on. This step was only needed for the installation.

Cartoon HD for the iPhone/iPad

An ‘Untrusted’ App Developer’ warning will prompt when you first open the app. Do not worry, this occurs when you install an app outside of the App Store. Simply press ‘Trust’ to continue. This version of Cartoon HD Pro is an older version that works for the new iOS 8 all the way down to iOS 5.


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