How-to Turn Facebook Video Autoplay Off

This tutorial will show you how to turn off video autoplay for the Facebook app on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). Video autoplay can eat up a lot of data if you are browsing Facebook without being connected to WiFi. You can either disable autoplay or only autoplay videos when on a WiFi connection.

How-to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay

1. Open Facebook

Open Facebook

2. Press More on the bottom bar

Press More

3. Press Settings

Go to Settings

4. Press Account Settings

Go to Account Settings

5. Go to Videos and Photos

Go to Videos and Photos

6. Press Autoplay

Select Autoplay

7. Select Never Autoplay Videos or On Wi-Fi Connections Only (if you want to autoplay videos only if connected to WiFi)

Select Never Autoplay Videos


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