How-to Fix Scrolling on the Magic Mouse

If your Magic Mouse scrolling has stopped functioning, please try one of the solutions below. There are different reasons why the scrolling may have stopped working.

Enable Scrolling on the Magic Mouse

1. Open ‘System Preferences’ in the Launchpad and click on ‘Accessibility’

Fix Scrolling - Magic Mouse

2. Click on ‘Mouse & Trackpad’ on the side bar and click on ‘Mouse Options’

Fix Scrolling - Magic Mouse

3. Check ‘Scrolling’ and hit ‘Done’

Fix Scrolling - Magic Mouse

Deleting USBOverdrive.kext

1. Open ‘Finder’ and hit ‘Shift’ + ‘Command’ + ‘C’ on the keyboard simultaneously to open the storage drives folder. Open the Mac hard drive folder

Delete SystemConfiguration Folder-1

2. Open the ‘Library’ folder

Delete SystemConfiguration Folder-2

3. Open the ‘Extensions’ folder

Fix Scrolling - Magic Mouse

4. Right-click the USBOverdrive.kext folder and ‘Move to Trash’

Fix Scrolling - Magic Mouse


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