How-to Remove MacKeeper PopUp

Have you recently “updated” your “outdated” video player or installed something you should not have and are now experiencing excessive MacKeeper and other pop up ads every time you click on a link or open a new tab? Unfortunately, it appears you have installed an adware onto your Mac. Fortunately, the fix is pretty easy.

Outdated Video Player


Many Apple enthusiasts, including myself, recommend using AdwareMedic (it’s free!) to remove adwares from your Mac which should get rid of all those pesky MacKeeper popups. Also, you do not need to install AdwareMedic, you simply run the program, remove the adwares, and that’s it!

How-to Remove MacKeeper PopUp Ads

1. Download AdwareMedic here:

AdwareMedic Download Link

2. Open AdwareMedic (Please note that you do not need to install it. You can simply double-click the AdwareMedic icon.)

Open AdwareMedic

3. Scan for Adware



4. Remove any adware if found


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